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HV Jointing – XLPE And PILC

HV Jointing – XLPE And PILC

Genisys Power is both qualified and experienced in the area of high-voltage XLPE and PILC Cable Jointing. Whether it’s for a new installation, an upgrade or a repair, Genisys Power can offer peace of mind, as our all our jointers are highly trained and have hundreds of hours of jointing experience.


Included in our services are the following:

• Medium Voltage termination and transition jointing up to 33kV

• All Cables including; Cross Linked Poly-Eythylene (XLPE), Triplex, Paper/Lead (PILC) cables

 All HV testing associated with installation of infrastructure, including,

  • AC/Dc Hi Pot Testing to 60kV
  • VLF Testing for cables and switchboards
  • Turns ratio testing for Oil-filled and Dry-type Transformers
  • Ductor Testing (Extra low Ohm Meter) for busbar joints and connections
  • 15kV DC Dielectric Tester


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